Unlimited Email Server

50,000 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 5,000 BDT /Month order
100,000 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 10,000 BDT /Month order
200,000 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 20,000 BDT /Month order
300,000 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 30,000 BDT /Month order


  • Your own brand email (e.g: you@yourcompany.com)
  • Total Cost of Ownership is a fraction of an in-house Email Server Solution.
  • Free up internal IT staff to work on core business.
  • Improve email services with increased reliability, availability, scalability, and security.
  • No email server downtime even if the Bangladesh Internet is down due to cable cut.
  • No email server downtime due to frequent power outages or the resulting server crushes or virus attacks.

Multi domain using facility…

Mail Boxes (POP3 & IMAP), Secure IMAP & POP3
Web Mail Squirrelmail, Horde, RoundCube
Auto responders
Email Forwarders
Mail Filtering
Spam Blocker
Catch-all e-mails
Mailing List
Custom MX Records


Service Terms & Conditions:

  • MAIL BANGLADESH is responsible for any valid server related issue.
  • MAIL BANGLADESH is responsible for any valid incoming & outgoing mail problems.
  • MAIL BANGLADESH is responsible for weekly backup or restore backup mail anytime.
  • MAIL BANGLADESH is not responsible for data loose by YOUR COMPANY and others.
  • YOUR COMPANY cannot do bulk mail marketing, in that case the server will suspend.
  • YOUR COMPANY can upload any static/dynamic websites in this server.
  • YOUR COMPANY cannot upload any phishing or adult script in this server.
  • For any server problems MAIL BANGLADESH will response within 10-30 munites & will solve the problem ASAP.
  • MAIL BANGLADESH will inform at-least 6-12 hours before any server maintenance issue (according to DATA CENTER).
  • Support Duration: 9.30am-10.00pm (Except Friday & others holidays). Support system will be friendly via phone or email.
  • This Service is fully managed service, YOUR COMPANY don’t have to do any technical terms & no need any technical person.
  • YOUR COMPANY have to assign 1/2 contact person, who will contact with MAIL BANGLADESH for any support.
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