Garments ERP Software Uttara Dhaka

Top Features


  • Ticket Booking, Visa, Hotel Booking, Medical, and Manpower.
  • Client & Vendor and Agent Ledger.
  • Vendor and Agent accounts Ledger.
  • Daily Office Accounts.
  • Daily Office Expenses.
  • Bank and Cash Transaction.
  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Report.
Travel Agency Management Software



  • Ticket Booking information
  • Visa information
  • Hotel Booking information
  • Medical information
  • Manpower information
  • and Car Rant



  • Client payment Status
  • Vendor Payment Status
  • Agent Payment Status
  • Daily Office Accounts
  • Daily Office Expenses
Travel Managment Software in Bangladesh
Travel Mangment Software in Bangladesh



  • Client payment History
  • Client payment Due History
  • Vendor Payment History
  • Agent Payment History
  • Total Office Accounts
  • Office Accounts History
  • Total Office Expenses
  • Office Expenses History
  • Salary History

Our Garments ERP Software Uttara Dhaka Packages

Different businesses have different needs. Find a plan that suits yours.

POS Software Packages startup growth premium enterprice High Volume
Price(One Time) 50,000TK 80,000TK 1,00,000TK 1,50,000TK 2,00,000TK
price par month 3,000Tk 5,000Tk 8,000Tk 10,000Tk 15,000Tk
Shop1 Shop2 Shop3 Shop4 Shop5 Shop
User 1-10 User 11-20 User 21-30 User 31-40 User Unlimited
Quotation Make
Customize Invoice
Email Invoice Send
SMS Getway
Reports 3 5 7 10 Unlimited
order order order order order

Garments ERP Software Uttara Dhaka

71webhost Garments ERP software in uttara dhaka is one of the main ERP solution provider, especially for Garments industries which is coordinated with various modules that spread every one of the parts of your Garments Business. This solution support multi-cash and multi-location based activities.It targets monitoring every one of the exercises including getting a request from Buyer, costing of request, resource planing, procurement of raw materials, production management, stock administration, import-trade process, request compromise process and so forth.


It’s also integrated with different modules of 71webhost  ERP including finance, accounts, HR, store network and so on. With this automated solution you can easily follow your business exercises and whole tasks of your pieces of clothing fabricating process.


“Advantages” 71webhost Garments Offer:


Manage and incorporate all parts of the business key capacities including: request section, test, IE, stock, merchandising, production and Finance.

Assurance to accomplish lower costs, better quality and quicker delivery, accordingly, increase in certainty from colleagues and buyers.

Gives right information to the advantageous people at the right time wherever on the planet, engaging you to improve profitability, redesign fundamental initiative capacities and advance correspondence between teammates, suppliers and purchasers.


Reduce and eliminate out copy work and automate operational assignments to save time and cost.


Turn the method for get to data simple with proper confidentiality.


Institutionalizes the manufacturing processes and improves quality within multiple business specialty units over the company.

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